Covid-19 Updates

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Dental Changes due to COVID-19 



Patient Letter

 Oral Health Matters More Now than Ever

Sometimes, it takes a global crisis to focus on what’s really important.

Your family’s oral health matters now more than ever before. The COVID-19 crisis upended our way of life and the disruption of routine healthcare will continue to have long term impacts on our society.

Since Mid-March, when the American Dental Association (ADA) called for a nation-wide pause on all non-urgent dental and orthodontic care, offices across the country.

Finding a reason to smile during times like these is difficult. Dr Morett realizes how much your smile matters, particularly when normal dental care isn’t available. Morett Dental truly missed all of our loyal patients.

As dental care restrictions continue to lessen, Dentists are committed to providing the safest possible experience for your family.

Throughout the closure we monitored the emerging guidance. We have closely followed all CDA -ADA-OSHA-CDPH-Recommendations all these are changing often, and will continue monitor these as it is updated. 

Even before the pandemic Dentists had stringent protocols in place for cleaning and disinfecting our offices, but now we’ve added more.

Our regular infection control and sterilization practices have always exceeded local, state, and federal health standards. With guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Dentists has taken the steps needed so our offices meet and exceed safety protocols to keep our patients, doctors and crew members safe.


What Your Next Dental Appointment Will Look Like

Here’s a summary:

Comprehensive  Pre-Appointment screening process (for patients & Staff)

Patient temperature checks before they enter our offices.

Everyone must wear a mask upon entering the offices.

Plenty of hand sanitizer throughout all of our offices.

Frequent cleaning, counters, light switches, and other frequently touched surfaces.

Social distancing techniques, including chairs at least six feet apart in our lounges and adjusting appointment flow so fewer patients are in the offices than usual, taped distance lines outside to ensure social distancing, etc.

Front desk barriers.

Extra Sanitation strategies 

Covid-19 Preacautions -Face Mask- Face Shields- Gowns for Staff

PPE for Health Care Essential Workers

Face Mask will be Provided to Patients 

Aerosol Aspirator for Treatment Patients

• Air Purifier through the office for better Air Quality

Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.



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